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Over the past two decades, EMS has developed a multitude of proprietary processes and equipment designs. Through its partnership with TerraHydroChem, EMS has helped develop and test chemistry that separates us from other service providers in the industrial service industry. Our exclusive partnership with TerraHydroChem, enables us to provide cleaning solutions that reduce water consumption by 90%. TerraHydroChem's environmentally friendly, nanoscale formula is created utilizing plant-based derivatives. THC blends its products with natural elements to make safe, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions.

railcar cleaning chemical case study

Over the years we have tailored solutions for sensitive food manufacturing operations; we provide kosher cleaning services to the PGUSP market, high volume car cleaning to the plastics, crude oil and asphalt industry. Our years of experience in the market has established EMS as experts in the field of industrial cleaning, opening the doors to plant services, mid-stream storage cleaning, barge cleaning and a wide range of consulting projects related to industrial cleaning, environmental remediation and oil and gas field services.

Our chemical solutions offer a safe cleaning process used to remove surface contaminants from metal substrates (rust, mill scale, salts). The unique formulation breaks the ionic bond between contaminants and the metal surface (chlorides, nitrates, sulfides). All products are environmentally friendly, 0% VOC, 'non-hazmat,' and biodegradable. Below are metal components before and after submersion in our proprietary solution.


equipment before industrial cleaning process


equipment after industrial cleaning process


Traditional solvents often time present hazards to the worker and to general infrastructure components such as diesel, caustics and solvents used in traditional vat cleaning systems. We found over the years the impact to our work force and the cost of wear and tear on equipment had to change. Our chemistry components are all natural plant-based derivatives, non-hazardous and completely bio-degradable. Since our introduction of our chemistry we have eliminated negative health impact to our workers related to skin sensitivity, burns, respiratory sensitivity and more. As well, the integrity and overall lifespan of our pumps, lines and overall equipment has significantly increased.


Conservation is a top priority for EMS. Our chemistry enables us to clean cars with a fraction of water and energy as traditional methods. Many surfactants that raise PH levels create complex emulsions creating hazardous waste streams. Our chemistry's original purpose was to remediate and recover soil and water, cleaning substrate surfaces is a by-product of the process. Our operations, in many cases, recycle water utulized in the wash process; significantly reducing the volumes of water being used and being disposed. In applications pertaining to heavy oils and asphalts, we are able to separate the water from oil and solids, recovering and reducing cost of disposal and impact on solid land-fills. All of our products are 100% natural and 100% bio-degradable.


Combined, our process and chemistry gives us the competitive advantage over other industrial service providers in the industry. Traditional methods require cars being sent into shops, awaiting long degassing processes, steaming and process repetition. Our engineered processes in conjunction with our chemistry allows us to expedite the cleaning process in turn dramatically reducing asset down time.


Our chemistry works on many different levels throughout the process. Cleaning substrate surfaces our RCC or Railcar Cleanser formula, desorbs oil from within the substrate surface. Heavy oils, paraffin’s, maltenes, asphaltenes that penetrate the pores of the metal surface release through a desorption process of our chemistry without the use of steam or extreme heat. Ultimately saving time and energy resulting in a safer, greener & cleaner operation.

Railcar Before Cleaning

railcar interior before industrial cleaning process

Railcar interior prior to residual extraction process

Railcar After Cleaning

railcar interior after industrial cleaning process

Railcar interior after residual extraction process